The Estate has both Sectional Title and Freehold property opportunities.
The Sectional Title Schemes offer private ownership in Montego Bay and Tortuga where Montego Bay is the more contemporary style of the 1990’s and Tortuga more modern being constructed circa 2008.
Montego Bay is located along the Umtamvuna river and is made up of Upper Montego and Lower Montego where Upper Montego is the higher portion of the development and Lower Montego is the development adjacent to and below the road level. The lower portion consists of the units numbered from 1 to 32 while the Upper portion is numbered from 33 to 56. All odd numbers are ground level units and even numbers are first floor units. Most of the units are 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, 1 being en-suite. Some recently renovated units include an additional loft bathroom and redesigned existing bathrooms.
Tortuga is the newer development in the centre of the Estate comprising 30 units overlooking a man-made lake. The private units are 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1 being en-suite.
The freehold units range from 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1 being en-suite to 6 bedroom 4 bathroom 2 being en-suite. These units differ in style and décor as per the individual owners’ choices. The newer design for the 3 bedroom includes 3 bathrooms, all en-suite.
Vacant freehold stands are available throughout the Estate.