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What types of property is available on the Estate?2020-08-31T13:37:13+02:00

The Estate has both Sectional Title and Freehold property opportunities.
The Sectional Title Schemes offer private ownership in Montego Bay and Tortuga where Montego Bay is the more contemporary style of the 1990’s and Tortuga more modern being constructed circa 2008.
Montego Bay is located along the Umtamvuna river and is made up of Upper Montego and Lower Montego where Upper Montego is the higher portion of the development and Lower Montego is the development adjacent to and below the road level. The lower portion consists of the units numbered from 1 to 32 while the Upper portion is numbered from 33 to 56. All odd numbers are ground level units and even numbers are first floor units. Most of the units are 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, 1 being en-suite. Some recently renovated units include an additional loft bathroom and redesigned existing bathrooms.
Tortuga is the newer development in the centre of the Estate comprising 30 units overlooking a man-made lake. The private units are 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1 being en-suite.
The freehold units range from 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1 being en-suite to 6 bedroom 4 bathroom 2 being en-suite. These units differ in style and décor as per the individual owners’ choices. The newer design for the 3 bedroom includes 3 bathrooms, all en-suite.
Vacant freehold stands are available throughout the Estate.

What are levies for the properties on the Estate?2020-08-31T13:17:19+02:00

For the 2018/2019 financial year the Sectional title levies range from R3’720 to R4’620 per month and Developed Freehold properties range from R3’256 to R4’630 per month. In addition to these there is a Capital Levy of R150 and also a “basic fee” for the provision of water and electricity of about R180 and R126 respectively per month, consumption being separately metered.

The freehold vacant stand levy is currently discounted down to R1’517 per month. This discount may be phased out at the discretion of the Board. There is no time limit to develop the stand but once the development starts it should be complete within 7 months.

What do levies include?2020-08-31T13:25:11+02:00

For Sectional Title units the levy includes both the Estate operating costs and the Sectional Title Scheme costs inclusive of maintenance and insurance of the Sectional Title Scheme buildings.

For freehold units the levy includes the Estate operating costs and while the insurance and maintenance of the unit is excluded the levy includes the standard gardening service and the cleaning of the gutters making the unit “lock-up and go”.

What is the time limit to build on a vacant stand?2020-08-31T13:26:14+02:00

There is no restriction or time limit forcing an owner to develop the stand. The discount of the levy for a vacant stand falls away once the site is handed over to the Contractor for the development of the stand.

Who will attend to the maintenance of my freehold property?2020-08-31T13:27:08+02:00

Maintenance costs of these units are not included in the levies. The HOA management are available to assist owners with arranging maintenance and may facilitate this maintenance on behalf of owners at the owner’s cost.

What are the Rates for properties on the Estate?2020-08-31T13:27:51+02:00

The property rates due to the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality (previously Hibiscus Coast) are linked to the values of the properties. For developed properties these currently range from R7’000 to R12’000 per annum and for vacant stands these currently range from R3’000 to R4’500 per annum. These costs are related to the Municipal Valuation role updated around every 5 years. The UGU District Municipality require “water rates” to be paid on vacant land. This amount is equivalent to the “basic fee” charged for developed properties and is about R180 per month.

What size house may I build?2020-08-31T13:29:15+02:00

The size of the development on a stand is linked to the size of the stand whereby the FAR allowance is limited to 30% and the Coverage limited to 0.3. For e.g., an average size stand of 500 square meters would allow for a FAR of 150 square meters and a Coverage of 150 square meters.

What is FAR and Coverage?2020-08-31T13:30:53+02:00

FAR is all the living area of the house and excludes the garage and verandas. If there is a staircase this area is counted only once.

Coverage is the measurement of the “bird’s eye view” of the roof of the building also referred to as the “footprint” and includes garage(s) and verandas.

Are there existing Architectural Guidelines that require compliance?2020-08-31T13:31:24+02:00

Yes, the exterior of the building must comply aesthetically with the Architectural Guidelines. There are a series of concept plans available on the website which may be amended in consultation with the architects on our panel to suit your needs.

May I use my own builder?2020-08-31T13:32:11+02:00

There is a panel of builders from which you may choose. You may introduce your own builder who will have to undergo a screening process and will be required to comply with the various HOA criteria to be accredited to be included on the panel. While this process has been followed in the past and the ‘owner’s builder’ has been afforded accreditation, these newly accredited builders have not become involved in any construction, probably due to the initial setup costs allowing the local contactor’s costs to remain competitive.

May I use my own architect?2020-08-31T13:32:45+02:00

There is a panel of architects that are familiar with the Estate requirements that you may choose from. You may introduce your own architect whose plans must be submitted to the Estate’s architect for scrutinising and approval at the owner’s cost before receiving the HOA’s approval for submission to the local authority.

May I rent out my unit?2020-08-31T13:34:05+02:00

Yes. The Estate runs a rental service for owners on the Estate. The costs are 15% commission and the current housekeeping cost for arrival, daily and departure services. The allocation of units for rental is on a rotational basis unless a unit is specifically requested by the guest making the booking. Rental proceeds are normally sufficient to cover levy and rates costs.

Will the Rental Income support my Bond?2020-08-31T13:34:36+02:00

Investors are not encouraged to rely on rental income to service a bond as the rental income may fluctuate for a myriad of reasons.

What is the average water and electricity consumption?2020-08-31T13:38:31+02:00

Consumption of water and electricity is separately metered for each developed property and depends on individual usage. For units permanently occupied the average metered water consumption is R180 per month and average metered electricity consumption R900 per month.


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